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Changes to roll ups

It’s been just short of three months since the format of the roll ups changed. Whilst the trial period has been plagued with terrible golfing conditions, enough has been played to compile sufficient feedback from individuals as well as your representative groups.

The feedback has been positive, negative and indifferent which highlighted that it’s impossible to please everybody however to balance, the salient points that require action are the following:

  • In creating fully integrated and mixed roll ups, the majority of members feel like they’ve lost their ‘identity’ within their respective social groups
  • Some seniors would like to play earlier than 8am
  • There was resistance around the £1 entry fee, with members demonstrating they would rather manage it themselves be that with a larger sum, a rounds of drinks, or nothing at all
  • A lack of a defined meeting point or time which resulted in some confusion as to whether it was on or whether they had a playing partner at all
  • Wednesday is clearly the favoured day to play so Tuesday roll up slots are not required

This being said, they have been somewhat effective in introducing new members into social groups as well as current members with other members they have not played with before. This was one of the key objectives we wanted to achieve when originally making the changes. One of our other objectives was to integrate a mixed roll up – as with our competitions – to maximise numbers and the social aspect. This hasn’t quite worked and has probably been the most resounding piece of feedback.

Taking the above into account, we will be implementing the following changes beginning Tuesday 8 May:

  • No roll up on a Tuesday (general play only)
  • On a Wednesday we revert back to tee time slots of representative groups as follows:

Seniors 7.30-8am meet in Nineteen no later than 7.15am

Mixed/all members 9-9.30am meet in Nineteen no later than 8.45am

Ladies 10-10.30am meet in Nineteen no later than 9.45am

  • A defined meeting time for each slot to allow a committee member or group representative to arrange groups and for membership cards to be taken to the Pro Shop for check in
  • A roll up will not take place when there is a midweek medal on

As with before, you have the freedom to play with whomever you wish and arrange this amongst yourselves, all I ask is that you be welcoming to any new members that we introduce to your group in the designated time slot. The golf team will book these slots each week as with before, and their usage will be monitored. Should more tee times be required because of over-attendance, I will be more than happy to offer more availability as I would love for this to be the case.

Best regards

Chris Fitt
(Director of Golf)

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